After a month of spectacular post harvest weather, autumn has finally decided to arrive. The mornings are now very cold, the clouds have settled in over the mountain and the vine leaves are turning a golden yellow.

IMG_5003 photo 1

On the farm we have been working on getting our paddocks fenced up, so we can organize our grazing better. We are installing a post and rail fence around the winery paddock  which is starting to take shape.  Hopefully there will be a Zebra in here soon.


We are also putting in the trellis system for the new blocks.  The short and long stakes for the bush vines  are going in first and we will move onto the wired trellis after that.


In the winery, we are slowly making our way through the pressing of the reds. This is always a long process. Some of the batches have now been close to 8 weeks on skins and are tasting superb.  The white wines  are also moving along nicely, most of them have finished fermentation but  there are a few barrels that are still ticking along slowly.


We have had a bit of wildlife around the winery. This old baboon, has taken a liking to chilling on top of the winery roof, nice view from up there.


Here he is climbing up the winery, in what looks like a pair of high heels


….and we came across this puffadder crossing the road in front of the winery. He looked like he just ate something rather large. We were hoping it wasn’t our cat, which we haven’t seen for awhile!


Paul’s brother got married on the farm last weekend. It was a spectacular day and many people enjoyed themselves till the early hours of the morning.