It has been a perfect growing season so far.  A whole lot of sunshine, mixed with just the right amount of rain for the soil, and enough wind to keep the disease at bay means the vineyards are looking fantastic. At this stage there is also a decent crop out there so we are holding thumbs it continues

vines summer

We have been loosing a few sheep lately to a caracal that is roaming around in broad daylight (normally they are nocturnal). We decided to put a trap camera up to see when he comes down from the mountain so we can manage our sheep accordingly. We found him… well as a whole lot of other animals:

caracalHere is the culprit making his way down at 9.30 in the morning


Leopards, we got this one twice in one week.


Porcupines. We always see their quills lying around but have never seen one.

baboon selfie

….and of course lots of Baboons. They are such inquisitive creatures, they sit and play with the camera, trying to work out what it is. No suprise that they have learnt to take selfies!