It has been an unusually dry and warm post harvest season, in fact it is one of the driest and warmest on record. Cape Town even managed to crack the hottest city in the world for the 3rd of March (at 42 C).  The flip side is that it feels like an endless summer and  we are getting plenty of amazing sundowner opportunities.


As much as the continuing summer weather is amazing, it would be great to get some rain!  In our large dam the water level is getting  pretty low


This low water level hardly ever happens, so we are using the opportunity to put in a new deck.


The vineyards aren’t effected too much by the dry weather. They all got a very good post harvest irrigation and they have been slowly loosing their leaves. 


In the winery we have been making up the blends and getting all the wines ready for bottling.  We are about to bottle the Jackal Bird 2014, the new Rose (which is very limited production) as well as a house sparkling (to get our champagne bill down!).

It always pours with rain when we bottle, so lets hope the trend continues.