Located up against the rugged slopes of the Witzenberg Mountain range, Fable focuses on producing pure expressions of Rhône varieties.  Our isolated farm is high up on the edge of a Wilderness Nature Reserve.  It is here at elevations from 400-650m that we have  32 hectares of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache noir.

The vines grow slowly here, they do not have the luxury of much soil, before they must work there way into ancient vertical shale. The mountains behind Fable tower over the vines and its influence is critical to the uniqueness of our site. Every morning the Mountain casts a shadow over the farm, which has a cooling effect. In the Summer this allows the grapes to ripen slowly, retaining great natural acidity, and in winter the snowy peak helps keep the vines dormant for longer.

The site is very challenging with bush fires, extreme weather, wild animals and natural dangers ever present during the growing season. It feels like we are on the fringes of the frontier. The only way we can do the place justice is to farm it respectfully and peacefully.